Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Do you know what the word "serendipity" means?

I do, because I just learned it and decided that it’s my new favorite word!

It means when you luckily stumble upon something. Like maybe you were just wondering what ever had happened to the great strawberry-scented eraser that you had in third grade, and then just by chance you find it as you are tidying up your room. That's serendipity! A lucky find.

You never know when serendipity might sneak up on you... Which, if you think about it, is pretty exciting!

Like for example, I was watching all these great videos on the internet by a girl called Vi Hart, who is super smart and explains math stuff. And I was thinking it would be great to see more videos by girls who know a lot about science to be like, you know, role-models for a wanna-be scientist such as me. (I’m going to be a marine biologist.  Or possibly an astronaut. Or a veterinarian...)

And then: blam! Serendipity strikes again! I found another great girl scientist channel!

Here it is:

It’s called "The Brain Scoop" and it’s made by a girl called Emily Graslie, who looks super nice and talks about natural history and animals on her show. She works for a place called The Field Museum in Chicago, where they have all kinds of interesting things, like fossils and animal squeletons and stuff, and she shows you all of it, giving really interesting explanations.

It’s really cool. You should check it out!

I hope your day will be full of serendipity!


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