Tuesday, September 2, 2014


For a long time my favorite animal has been the giraffe. Because giraffes are beautiful, but also funny-looking. I find I tend to like animals who are like that. You know, goofy.

Like pugs also. They look silly, but in a pleasant way.

But now, I think I've found a new cute, weird looking animal that is going to be my favorite: the tarsier!

I was writing about how some people like to eat ants the last time, and that made me wonder if there are other animals who eat bugs, apart from, you know, humans once in a while, and birds, and Penny's little brother Pablo (he will put anything in his mouth!).

So I looked it up online. I found that tarsiers, who are teeny-weeny monkey-ish creatures that live in the jungle in the Philippines and Indonesia and places, only eat bugs!!! They have huge eyes to help them see at night, which is when they go hunting. They just sort of pounce on spiders and grasshoppers and stuff and then munch them. Which, I know, is gross. But maybe to a tarsier, a spider tastes like chocolate cake?

Here is a picture:

They like to hang out as a family inside holes in big trees during the day, to rest. But then at night they go look for something to eat. They are small enough to hold in your hand, but their eyes are so big that they can't move them around - they have to swivel their whole heads the shift their gaze... Plus they are super cute!

Here is a little movie you can watch about my new favorite animal:


I hope you like it!


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