Thursday, August 28, 2014


Okay so, we were in the living room at Penny's house watching a totally boring TV show where people had to, you know, sing songs and stuff, so that some other people could say mean things about them and decide who was the best...

I don't get those shows because the songs are mostly terrible, and they just go on and on, but Penny's mom loves watching this kind of thing, especially while she's fixing supper. And since she's super nice to me (and also makes really awesome lasagna), I guess I don't mind, mostly.

But then, during the commercials, Penny's dad flipped the channel and found a show about some funny-looking animals called meerkats, which I didn't know about, and which, it turns out, are super cute and live in gangs that help each other out.

Here are some pictures of meerkats that I found in wikipedia:

They live in a desert part of Africa, where it's really hot. They spend their time hunting bugs and lizards and snakes and stuff, but they have to watch out for bigger predators like eagles and jackals that can eat them.

What the show explained what that there is always one of the meerkats that goes to the top of a tree or a big rock near where they live and stays on the lookout: he stands on his rear legs and swivels his head around over and over. It looks really funny!

He makes this special sound if he sees anything suspicious. And when the other meerkats hear it, they all scurry underground in the burrow for protection.

As animals, they are really sociable and love to play. They just like to hang out together and the grown-ups teach the kids how to hunt and survive in the desert.

I think they're neat!

Plus, I really like that they are part of the mongoose family, because that gives me the chance to say the word mongoose! (A fun word, I hope you agree...)

They eat mostly bugs apparently, like scorpions and stuff, which seems a bit gross to me, but probably, if you're a meerkat, it tastes just as good as lasagna!

Anyways, here is a link to the meerkat show we were watching, in case you guys feel like checking it out:


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